Your Ownership Experience


We appreciate that high quality communication is crucial for all Racehorse Syndicates and that’s exactly what we give you as an Owner in one of our Horses. It doesn't matter if you own 2%, 50% or 90% in one of our horses you will get the same professional service and the most incredible feeling seeing your horse running.  You will  have the opportunity to develop a personal relationship with your horse and take the Journey with them.

Hospitality on Raceday 

You'll be there Trackside to see your own horse run. Tickets to Members Area & Enclosure on Raceday (allocated as per % owned). Raceday Nibbles are provided . Most Importantly, Great conversation, a bit of banter , the chance to meet new people and develop new relationships and overall enjoying what we all love "Cheering your Horse on down the Straight". 


Regular Video & Audio Progress Reports 


Whether it be from Breaking-in to the Winners Stall – When We Know - You‘ll Know…

You will receive - Regular Updates from Trainers, Track work Riders,  and even updates from the  Spelling Farms and Pre-Trainers.  You will always have a full comprehensive update of what your horse is doing and know where your money is being spent.

Certificate of Ownership 

Each Owner who purchases a share in one of our Horse will receive a Certificate of Ownership along with an exclusive Owners Pack (containing exclusive Boom Racing merchandise and a nice bottle of Champagne/Red or White) as a token of our appreciation for your support and most importantly for joining our Boom Racing Team!!!