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Eureka Stud was founded in 1935 by Andrew McAlpine and has been handed down from one generation to another.  The current Owners Scott McAlpine, his lovely wife Grania and their 3 sons Harry, Angus and Charlie now run this amazing Stud Farm and do an outstanding job.

Eureka Stud excels in taking care of horses – mares, foals, yearlings along with racehorses taking a spell from the track.

The fertile black soil of the darling downs, the fresh running creek water, rolling hills and Queensland sunshine amidst the fresh mountain air atop the Great Dividing Range works wonders for a horses’ rest and recovery.

Attention to detail, involves feeding, worming, hoof care and grooming while spelling. Through hard work by hand, the McAlpine family have shaped and pioneered a successful stud from modest beginnings and old-fashioned horsemanship.


The philosophy of allowing horses to relax and roam free over undulating hills, or across miles of natural pasture or crop-sewn paddocks (lucerne, barley, millet, oats) assists in their development progress and peace of mind…. Like a retreat, and return to nature. Let a horse be a horse.

Eureka has produced, Group winners in every State, Group One winners Spirit of Boom, Temple of Boom, Tinto, Picaday, Just Now, Scenic Peak, Show a Heart and Skalato (which had it taken from him on a technicality) as well as multiple Group wins and Group One seconds to include Eureka Jewel, Memphis Blues and Skalato.


Eureka Stud's 76-year history gives it the distinction of being a true achiever in the field of producing exceptional thoroughbreds. The McAlpine family's success has been achieved by back-breaking hard work, good horsemanship, honesty, staunch integrity and determination.

We have been involved with Scott, Grania and their family for almost 15 years now and we consider them to be just like family.  They are an amazing family to be involved with and the knowledge and horsemanship they have is second to none.  If we ever need advise they are the first ones we go to and their help and guidance along our journey has been over and above what we could ever wish for.

Scott and Grania and their 3 sons run the Farm with such integrity and pride and Boom Racing are extremely lucky to be involved with them.    

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Golden Gully Thoroughbreds Spelling Farm


Golden Gully Thoroughbreds offers a purpose-built 100-acre facility, comprising spacious, modern and well-managed stables and paddocks for spelling and long-term Thoroughbred agistment.   They recognise each Owner, Trainer and Horse has individual requirements and always go that extra mile to make sure they provide outstanding care for your Horses. 


Simon Adams and his Team are committed to ensuring every requirement is fulfilled and carefully documented. All horses are provided with thoroughbred- specific dry hard feed, quality lucerne hay and nutritional supplements, twice daily.

The facilities includes a brand new complex  overlooking the Farm and large individual stables for your horse. They have installed strong, safe, horse-friendly, electrified fencing to every paddock to limit exposure to injury.   Simon and his team recognise that for a horse to let down and spell effectively, they need space and an environment ‘to be a horse’.  They understand the importance of quarantine, hygiene and daily/weekly monitoring of your investment.


All information and data specific to your horse is documented on arrival, during spelling, and prior to departure. This data provides you with up-to-date spreadsheet

Boom Racing have built a great relationship with both Simon and his Team over the past few years and can't thank them enough for all their hard work and efforts when looking after our Horses.

Washpool Lodge

Established in 1991, the 390 acre property with river flats and undulating hills is located at Aratula, just over on hour drive from Brisbane.

as the only property in Australasia to prepare and sell a Melbourne Cup winner at a breeze up sale, Washpool Lodge offers an extensive list of services that include specialising in breaking in, pre-training and agistment, not only within the thoroughbred industry, but all horse disciplines.

The property has an Aqua Walker, 1000m sand training track, 8 and 4 horse walking machines, treadmill, 100 stables, 80 individual stables with quarter acre paddocks as well as twenty paddocks (5 aches each) for shared agistment.  

Boom Racing has had an association with Washpool Lodge for the past 12 months and we couldn't be happier with the service and care that our horses have been given.  Kevin, Pete, Monica and their team do an outstanding job and our horses have always returned from pre-training  in outstanding condition ready to continue into the business end of their preps.

Ivanhoe Stud

Jake Capewell - Breaking and Pre-Training

Jake and his wife Jay own and operate Ivanhoe Stud and specialise in Breaking and Pre-Training aswell as Re-Education of  Thoroughbreds.


JCBPT was established in 2015,  and they started out breaking-in a small amount of horses out of Bahram Stud Training Facility (Westbrook, Toowoomba). From there, Jake discovered the need throughout the region for a reliable pre-training facility. 
Today, Jakes Stud Farm can hold 50+ horses. 

Jake originated in Charleville (South West QLD). Growing up around horses his whole life, working with them every day is just second nature for him. He has experience in many different fields of horse sports; working in racing stables, playing for Australia in polocrosse, competing in campdrafts & rodeos, working in stock camps etc. It is no surprise that he is quite the perfectionist when it comes to working with horses. 

Jake Capewell is one of the best Horsemen you will ever come across.  Jake has done an outstanding job breaking-in and handling our pre-training and we are greatful to Jake and his team for their dedication and care of our Horses.

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Blair Gibson is the brain child behind  Blair is a local lad and grew up attending the races on the Gold Coast and Murwillumbah.  Known in and around the industry as "Gibbo" he fell in love with the game at a young age and regularly rushed home from school to do the form.

Boom Racing are proud to call Gibbo one of the Team, his weekly Form Analysing and wrap-ups are outstanding.  Gibbo is an invaluable addition to BR and the information he provides us for our Weekly updates we send out to our Owners is fantastic.  

Gibbo's work ethic in going over the form puts him way ahead of the rest, including some of the so called professional punters in the industry.  His diligence in evaluating race replays and race patterns means he has been highly successful now for many years.

In this day and age where many people are simply 'time poor' his site provides a one stop shop for the punter, keen race goer or the once a year punter who is looking for a winner.

You don't have to be a racing nut to enjoy the BrissyRaces site, so jump on and have a look, you won't be disappointed.